What's the Deal for Authors, Narrators, and Publishers?

FreeAudiobookCodes.com is the BEST way to give away ACX codes for your audiobooks, without the hassle of spreadsheets, email collection, etc. If you have a large quantity of titles and just want to give out your codes (and get paid) then this is the service for you.


Frequently Asked Questions:


How much does it cost?

$12 per title, $55 for 5 titles, $99 for 10 titles, or $450 for 50 titles.


What's the difference between this and Audiobook Boom?

If you want to micromanage who get codes, capture email addresses of recipients, check reviews, follow-up, etc, then use Audiobook Boom.


If you don't care about any of that and just want to distribute codes without the hassle of doing it yourself, then use this site. It's the same price as the Boom, so you can't go wrong with either service!

 Reviews strongly encouraged.  No reviews required (but they are encouraged).
 Non-reviewers and scammers added to the Embargo list.  No one is ever banned from getting a code.
 Listeners share email, audible profile, etc in a form.  Completely anonymous for the user.
 You can choose who gets codes and who doesn't based on review history.  You upload codes without any managing of who gets them. Upload and go.
 Can get complicated if you have many titles and codes.  Great way to get rid of lots of codes for multiple titles.
 You send codes to interested listeners individually.  Completely automated; You don't send any codes.
 You may get paid for redemptions!  You may get paid for redemptions!




Do people who get codes have to leave reviews?

Nope, though we do encourage it. This is the idea of the hands-off approach to code distribution. You put the codes out there to the world, the world grabs them and listens. No hassle for you and no pressure to leave a review in-kind.


Do we get paid for redemptions?

Maybe. For any books published (in other words, released on Audible) before March 26th, 2020, you DO get paid for redemptions. Books published after that, you do not.


Do you support Findway or other non-ACX codes?

Not yet. That's going to be a future development. Right now, we only support ACX codes.


Do I get ANY information about the people redeeming my codes?

Nope. Again, hands-off, anonymous code distribution. If you want more information about the people who grab your code, use Audiobook Boom.


How accurate are the redemption stats for my titles?

As accurate as we can make them. Remember, we don't have access to your ACX account, so we can't get real-time information about the actual redemption status. The ACX dashboard takes 3+ days to update. Once it does update, there may be a discrepancy between your ACX dash and what we say. Why? Because sometimes people generate more than one code, abandon a code, make a mistake, etc. There is no perfect solution. However, after that 3 days, we recommend you grab the latest .csv file and re-upload it for that book. That will refresh our database and give the most accurate code count.


So I can re-upload a new set of codes? At no additional cost?

Of course! We think it's silly to nickle and dime you by charging for extra codes. Simply grab the latest .csv file from your ACX dashboard, edit your book, and upload it as-is. We do the rest. Do NOT edit the file! We know how to handle previously redeemed codes. Just grab the file from ACX and upload it. Seriously, we got this.


Great! How do I start!

See that little graphic at the top right that says "Advertiser login"? That's what you want to click. Make an account, buy a package and start giving your book away!